Pocket/Pen Conductivity/TDS/Salinity meter


Pocket/Pen Conductivity/TDS/Salinity meter

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Multiparameter, portable water testing meter for Salinity/TDS/Temperature Pen

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This meter is a good alternative to the salinity refractometer for checking the salinity content of brackish water, sea water and brine up to 100 parts per thousand (ppt). If measuring TDS, it can read to 9999 ppm. 8373 AZ TDS and Salinity Pen features:
* Big LCD with dual display to update measuring
* Wide measuring range and Dual display with ATC
* TDS factor 0.4 to 1.0 adjustable for TDS
* Built-in NaCl Conductivity to TDS conversion factor for salinity
* Auto ranging in high concentration solution
* Multiple parameters to fulfill all kinds of applications
* Calibration values are adjustable & calibration information can be reviewed
* Quick response and easy to calibrate
* Multi points calibration
* Water proof IP65 membrane keypad
* Pen size, easy to fit into pocket
* Low cost design with high accuracy
* Data hold to freeze readings
* C/F Temperature unit switchable
* Auto power off
* Low battery indicator
* Powered by 4pcs LR44 batteries

Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 10 cm

AZ Instruments

Model Number


Power type

4 x LR44 batteries


200g (meter)

Battery included


Product size


Back light


Can be calibrated


Salinity range

Seawater 0~100.0 ppt

TDS range (f is TDS fctor)

0-9999ppm or10.0~160*f ppt; f is TDS factor

Temperature range

-5~60.0 C

There are 3 calibration ranges, 1413uS calibration solution is used for 0-199uS operating range, 12.88mS is used for 2.0-19.99mS and 111.8mS calibration solution is used for 20-160mS. Seawater, for example, at 35ppt is 53.065mD/cm (1.0264 relative specific gravity (sg)). Calibration solutions are sold separately. See: https://www.az-instrument.com.tw/v_comm/inc/product_file_download.asp?customer_id=1905&lang=2&id=616520&file_name=p_190315_02010.pdf

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